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Local Revitalization
Chapter 5 - Many of the young people in urban areas cannot take actual actions even if they have a sense of impending crisis. Then I will create and spread how you can revitalize rural areas from your lives in Tokyo.

Local Revitalization Youth Meetup

You can try local revitalization without migration!

You can try subjective projects without migration, which are not like participating in passive volunteer activities such as garbage collecting and event supporting!

I often hear that young people cannot take actions even if they have a sense of impending crisis of rural areas. This is mostly because they do not know how to do it without changing their current lives.

...I'm writing this post following the meetup, but this argument is one of the forms of my theme "10 Hometowns for Each", to create a real community independent from where we live.

As I wrote down in the page of "10 Hometowns for Each", towns and villages will start competing with each other to win young people under the policy support of local revitalization. Well, the demand-supply balance will soon fall apart because the young people are simply a minority in Japan. Probably, it's already happened for skillful human resources.

This is why I beliebve that they need some choices other than seeking for young migrants when they want young human resources.

Today, there are not so many young people who can decide permanent residence, and plus, we can work wherever we want thanks to the internet. My idea has a positive support in the points of both inner and outer elements.

The first step of my idea will be Tanagura Big Family Guesthouse Project. Oh, I've talked a lot after the meetup. Please look forward to the last chapter!

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