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Local Revitalization
Here' a summary of my idea after the Local Revitalization Youth Meetup. I'm gonna write down each of the 6 chapters from now on!

Local Revitalization Youth Meetup

Following the first meetup two months ago, I held the second Local Revitalization Youth Meetup tonight! The place is Robataya, the same as the first time. We enjoyed delicious Japanese sake and seafood this time, too. Thanks very much, nice master!

And since I discussed local revitalization pretty passionately for 5 hours, I now want to document my idea about it. Well, I might change my ideas in the near future, but I want to record the my of this moment. Here, I'm gonna write down each of the 6 chapters from now on!

  1. If you are not sure what you can do, just move forward. Here's my result as a photographer. I seriously believe that in rural areas, we can maximize our influence.
  2. Town of pure recall as a goal. Aiming to stand out from innumerable towns and villages, and become a town in the news in people's mind map.
  3. The key to invite urban-rural migration must be the efforts to let them know the negative points of the town, rather than the positive.
  4. Young people will feel severe pressure when they encounter migration recommendation during a mere trip. It sounds like a contradiction, but you should not speak out about migration if you want them to migrate.
  5. Many of the young people in urban areas cannot take actual actions even if they have a sense of impending crisis. Then I will create and spread how you can revitalize rural areas from your lives in Tokyo.
  6. The start of the local revitalization from Tokyo, Tanagura Big Family and its guesthouse project.
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