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Local Revitalization
Chapter 1 - If you are not sure what you can do, just move forward. Here's my result as a photographer. I seriously believe that in rural areas, we can maximize our influence.

Local Revitalization Youth Meetup

Wow, I've changed very much from what I had been two years ago. Two years ago, I started this blog to change something. I selected photography blog because it sounded the easiest to continue for me.

The photos in the beginning were quite bad in quality. They are the proof of how I was proud of my poor skills. One good point of this blog is that I can reflect on my growth.

Everything has changed since I found kura-cafe. Before then, I was merely seeking beautiful sceneries while visiting rural areas. After finding kura-cafe, I came to know Tanagura Town and added the concept of local revitalization to my activities as a photographer.

It was April 2015 when I visited Tanagura Town for the first time. While only the condition of "a man from Tokyo" is enough to be rare, I am extremely rare because I find and sophisticate the attractiveness of the town as a photographer, because I am a young man who promote the town by himself, and because I am an urban resident who takes actions in Tokyo.

People in the town office are said to have a talk about when Nasuno-san comes next time. So sorry, I will do my best to take photos of the autumn colors this year.

I'm now connected to the old men and women in the town, connected to people in the town office, and connected to young men and women in the town. I held an event of Tanagura Town and Shimimochi rice cake, won a prize at the CM contest of the town, presented a photo to the town office, and held some local revitalization meetups in Tokyo...

When I started this blog, I didn't imagine that things would go on like this. But thanks to this blog, people understood me and trusted me, which leads to what I am today.

And now, I started the project "Tanagura Big Family" which connect my network in Tokyo and that in Tanagura Town. I think that "family" can be in any forms. I will try to promote the connection based on the keyword of Tanagura. I will build a community which widens the concept of "what is called family".

And hereby, I declare that I will create a guesthouse in Tanagura Town as a real base of Tanagura Big Family, of course by connecting the powers of people around Tokyo. I've been involving too many people, I expect. But everything will be OK, probably. lol

Hmm... guesthouse. Yes, the guesthouse. It's amazing that I do the project of this level as a hobby. I seriously believe that in rural areas, we can maximize our influence.

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