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Local Revitalization
Chapter 3 - The key to invite urban-rural migration must be the efforts to let them know the negative points of the town, rather than the positive.

Local Revitalization Youth Meetup

Now we have plenty of information on the internet, and various towns and villages are promoting themselvs so it is quite easy to search the attractiveness of these towns. Of course, I would like to share the attractiveness of Tanagura Town from the online base of Tanagura Big Family.

But we usually cannot decide where to migrate only by the positibe points. Rather, we often list up the choices from the positive point of view, and then, we select choices from the negative point of view.

The positive points are easy to describe online - for example to describe that the landscapes are great, the food is delicious, the people are nice, the interesting actions are taking place, etc. But the negative points are often quite difficult to describe because of their connections to the locals. Plus, people are more likely to have their own views about the negative points than the positive ones.

This is why the Tanagura Big Family Guesthouse Project is essential. Actual visit for true understanding of the negative points of the town is a key step forward to proceed on to the migration interest.

  • How do the residents communicate with each other? What do they do?
  • How is the atmosphere of the town? Is there any trouble among the residents?
  • How is the cleanliness of the town?
  • How are the "outsiders" accepted here?
  • Can I live in this town?

I do believe that the guesthouse in Tanagura Town should not recommend migration strongly. It needs a system which allows visitors to understand the good points and the bad points of the town equally. The detail will be at Chapter 4.

You can challenge and join this project while living in Tokyo. Why not joing the Tanagura Big Family Guesthouse Project??

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