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Here on this page, I would like to tell you how I think about my photography while taking photos of Japan's landscapes because my ideas towards photography is quite unique and must be interesting to you. I've been trying to use marketing ideas to maximize photography value on the context of local revitalization. After reading this, you will feel more from my photos.


First, photo must be something which implies its location.

On the other hand, for example, it is relatively easy for macro photography to capture flowers beautifully, but such photos will not move people geographically because they doesn't persuade that you must be there to experience it.

Of course, photos must be appealing Photos which do not move people are of no value on the context of marketing.


In order to move people, photo needs to appeal to people as a picture, of course. But it should be










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Takumi Nasuno. Tanagura Supporters' Ambassador (Official supporter of Tanagura Town of Fukushima Prefecture). A man who recommends TRIPLESSO just as he likes. A multi-language blogger for mainly nature photography. Currently I'm off from my main job (knowledge management and data analytics) and devoting myself to childcare for my newborn baby for half a year.
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