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Local Revitalization
Chapter 2 - Town of pure recall as a goal. Aiming to stand out from innumerable towns and villages, and become a town in the news in people's mind map.

Local Revitalization Youth Meetup

Pure recall is very important in rural revitalization.

Since there are 745 towns and 183 villages in Japan, most of them will remain to be just one of innumerable towns and villages. If so, they will not be nominated as a destination because those who intend to migrate to rural areas simply don't know them.

I guess some of the towns and villages will decide to depend on some migration consultation services. But they are the perfectly compatitive markets where many appealing towns and villages are competing and only the popular ones win migrants. Easy challenges will only result in failure.

They must choose where to promote themselves because they do not have overwhelming attractiveness - not in the perfectly competitive market but in the individual market. This is why it's very important to become a town in the news in people's mind map. This is a big stride to change from a trivial rural commune to a lovely one.

The method is very simple. All you have to do is to continue to promote them around you by yourself. This is now quite easy thanks to the onlice services like Facebook, Twitter, and Instragram. You can share the events there, you can share the food there, and you can upload photos of your visit in case. All of them are what I've been doing. The result is that simply more and more people around me know Tanagura Town.

This is great. If 10 people do the same thing together, Tanagura Town will acquire much bigger awareness. This is a local revitalization activity possible while living in Tokyo!

By the way, I'm gonna take an official position of Tanagura Supporters' Ambassador at the end of this month. The other ambassadors are said to be the elderly in the first place. But this program is open to everybody. Let's make a change from young men and women's actions! It must be fun!

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