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Chapter 4 - Young people will feel severe pressure when they encounter migration recommendation during a mere trip. It sounds like a contradiction, but you should not speak out about migration if you want them to migrate.

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It's a big contradiction. Suppose that you want young people to migrate to your town. And here're young people visiting your town during their trip, but you shouldn't talk about migration to them. However, this is a very simple story for these visitors.

(I was just curious about the town. Well, migration? It's a big burden on me to talk about such a big decision which I'm not considering at all...)

Let me explain the two processes for young people's migration.


Migration Process1 : Competitive Market Type

  1. Want to go to rural area
  2. Look for any good towns
  3. Get much information and narrow down choices
  4. Visit them in real
  5. Decide which to migrate to
  6. Migrate!


Migration Process2 : Individual Market Type

  1. Know a certain town
  2. Simply get curious about the town
  3. Try visiting the town
  4. Raise likability of the town
  5. Start thinking about migration if the likability reaches the border
  6. Prepare all necessary conditions for migration
  7. Migrate!


As I've told you in the chapter 2, migration consultation services are all competitive markets. If the town doesn't have any overwhelming attractiveness, it should adopt the individual market type and make efforts to make fans one by one through mouth-to-mouth advertizing.

And... which prosess did the young people take until their visit to your town?

I guess most of them were through the process2. The feature of the process2 is that they do not think about migration in the beginning. Nathing would happen if you talked about migration with them, or rather you would give severe pressure to them.

What you should do in this step is that you try to raise their likability of the town as much as possible so that they can't help but think of migration. Then the young people will ask for migration consultation to you. Then you can talk about any possible conditions like houses, jobs, etc.

Both of the process1 and process2 bring young people to towns. But they think totally differently. It is crucial to have a communication based on their process and their step.

I myself will keep in mind that I should care more about the communication base on you while I recorded the idea as a message to me in the future.

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