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Blog Design Update - Challenge to Single-column Design for Simple Understanding (Version4.0)

It is a quite bad thing that I couldn't write post for long. But I thought that I seriously needed to change the design of my blog. Later, I will at least upload some of my works during the lack-of-posts days.

Anyway, I've recorded here how the design has changed.



Blog Before



Blog After


The big differences are as follows.

  1. I adopted the single-column design so that you can concentrate on main contents.
  2. I added the side menu opened by the hamburger button so that you can access to the menu even in the single-column design.
  3. I deleted Google Adsense because it's just annoying, and didn't give me much money. The annoyingness further exceeds the revenue.
  4. I put my profile photo on the top so that you can clearly know this is my blog about my activities.
  5. I highlighted "What I like and What I support" contents so that you can know some of the great people and can know one aspect of me as their supporters.
  6. Photos appear bigger! This is important on any photo blogs!

This blog is, of course, working responsively so you can see my blog well through smartphones, tablets, note PCs and desktop PCs! I will keep updating the design gradually so that you can know me and the great people I support more easily!

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