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11 Selected Photos from December 2014

Photography is worth trying. This is the last month of the year 2014. I believe that my photography skills has improved a bit. What I hadn't expected before was that the more photos I take, the more challenges I find. Even a year of my devotion is not enough to end my journey. Rather, the goal of the journey seems to be getting further.

I will accelerate the improvement of my photography skills. To tell the truth, I will start new challenges other than photography in 2015, which means I spare less time for photography. But I now know more how I improve my photography skills efficiently, that is, with less time. I'm starting to open online photo exhibitions for specific themes. The study on how visitors can enjoy photos online is a big challenge for me. I must learn much more from the process. I'm also starting to write down how I take photos, which lets me think thoroughly and repeat PDCA cycle for my approach. I hope that I can move more people with my photos.

Then, let’s look at the 11 selected photos from December 2014!


1. Undulating Snow

Snowy Ground of Lake Toyanogata in Niigata

Nature in the City of Niigata – Round Walk around Lake Toyanogata

The combination of snow and sunrise creates this magical view. If you wake up early in a snowy region, please check whether it is sunny or not. If it is sunny, you have a possibility of finding this undulating snow where the sunlight creates the contrast of light orange and blue.


2. Unexpected Orange Grass in Winter

Orange Grass along Tama River

Unexpected Color – Wild Plants along Tama River in the Sunset Time

I was astonished to find this vivid orange color in the winter of Tama River. As the color of the riverside is rather gray or brown, this group of wild plants look outstanding because of the contrast. This encounter has made me want to summarize the colors of each month along Tama River.


3. Light of Wisteria

Wisteria-like Illuminations of Jewelry of Shonan at Enoshima Island

Three Major Winter Illuminations in Kanto – Jewelries of Shonan in Enoshima Island

This is like a long gate of Wisteria dominating the eyesight of visitors. Gate of Wisteria is one of the beautiful spots that I want to see but haven't seen. I was pretty happy because I found this gate at night of Enoshima Island unexpectedly, and because it made me want to see the gate of real Wisteria more strongly.


4. Steep Stairs

Stairs of Moriyoshi Shinno Grave

Autumn Colors Report 2014 – Kamakura to See Last Autumn Colors This Year

I selected this photo because I can strongly feel the steepness of the stairs, or rather, the fear of the stairs. It was so steep that it tires you when you walk up, and it scares you when you walk down. Please visit these stairs and feel it by yourself.


5. World of Blue

Magical Colors of Illuminations at Terrace Mall Shonan

Let’s Go Out for Fantastic Illuminations! Terrace Mall Shonan is a Good Filming Location for Photographers!

I believe that this is one of the best blue illuminations in Kanto Area because it has a large amount of light, and because the lights are set on the wide ground. This location offers photographers the best opportunities to shoot blue illuminations.


6. Cutest Guardian Deities of Children

Lovely Guardian Deities of Children at Hasedera Temple

Autumn Colors Report 2014 – Kamakura to See Last Autumn Colors This Year

They are definitely the cutest guardian deities of children! I have been to various temples and seen many buddhism statues, and concluded so far that these are the cutest because they are quite small and are standing quietly while giving the best smiles to walkers. If you have a chance to come to Kamakura, you can't miss them.


7. Magical Colors

Starry Street of Shinjuku

Magical Colors of Sparkling Illuminations Welcome You at South of Shinjuku

I recommend you to come here with your loved one. It is full of numerous yellow lights and some big colorful spheres. As these illuminations are located in the south of Shinjuku, there are many couples to enjoy this gorgeous atmosphere. Of course, there are almost no children here. This is the place for adults.


8. Japan From the Circular Window

Window of Meigetsuin Temple

Autumn Colors Report 2014 – Late Arrival of Autumn Colors at Kamakura!

The circular window gives us the limited view of the gardens. We can’t go over there. The window gives us the opportunities to imagine how beautiful the gardens are by limiting our eyesight. I found one type of Japan’s beauty, I thought.


9. Last Arrival of Autumn Colors

Orange Maple Leaves of Genjiyama Park

Autumn Colors Report 2014 – Late Arrival of Autumn Colors at Kamakura!

This is a good example of Move & Zoom Approach. I moved right and left, forward and downward, and up and down while zooming my lens. This is how most of the leaves appear relatively clear and the background is blurred while the leaves on the lower left, which I want to emphasize the most, appear the most clearly with the brown background. I will brush up this approach more next year.


10. Refreshing Moment

Hossawa-no-taki Waterfall

Autumn Colors Report 2014 – Hossawa-no-taki Waterall, the Only Waterfall in Tokyo Designated as Japan’s Top 100 Waterfalls

Do you know that there are tens of waterfalls in Tokyo? This Hossawa-no-taki Waterfall is definitely the easiest one to see because all you need is to walk for 15 minutes from the nearest bus stop. The waterfall of 26 meters will give you the refreshing moment with the sound of falling water and the cool air. This waterfall is pretty famous because it gets frozen beautifully in winter.


11. Fluffy Downs

Foxtail along Tama River

Unexpected Color – Wild Plants along Tama River in the Sunset Time

Fluffy downs of Foxtail have something in common with that of Japanese pampas grass, one of my favorite subjects of photography. I love this atmosphere because it tells me not only the warmth but also the gentle feeling of the sun. The sun is watching over us gently with great love and care.


Thanks for enjoying my photos of December 2014!

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