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How to visit Minamizawa Hydrangea Mountain on Foot

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Soon after the achievement of the crowdfunding of Minamizawa Hydrangea Mountain, I visited the mountain in advance to check the possible best choices of locations, positions and angles there.

It took me about 30 minutes to walk briskly from Musashi-Itsukaichi Station to Minamizawa Hydrangea Mountain. Although there were several sign boards showing the right way, it must be better to recognize the landscapes on the way before you visit it for the first time because you need to have a courage to keep going straight all the way.

Let me share some photos here.


You start walking from Musashi-Itsukaichi Station.


Look at the bus terminal from the station and go right.


Turn right at the corner in front of Cafe Sketch inside Tokyo Urayama Base, and go straight. (If you need a map, cross the avenue and go to the cafe.)



Turn right again at the edge of the parking lot.


Go straight on the gentle slope.


Go along the street and turn right. You get into the north side of the station.


Turn left at the T-intersection at the back of the station.


Well, you will see a sign board saying "2600m to the Hydrangea mountain".


This is totally a residential area. After turning to the left, go straight until...


...until you see a "stop" sign at the next T-intersection. Turn right here.


Please note that here is also a sign board saying "2300m to the Hydrangea mountain".


After turning to the right, go straight again until...


...until you come across the next T-intersection.


Here is also a sign board saying... "2300m to the Hydrangea mountain". Turn left at this T-intersection.


After turning left, go straight.


Just go straight.


You will see a wide open view at the right side of the street. But keep going straight.


The street goes down. But keep going straight.


You will find a funny Y-intersection. You need to turn left here.


After turning left at the Y-intersection, go up the slope and just go straight.


After going up the slope, you will find a sign board under the traffic mirror.


The sign board says "1700m to the Hydrangea mountain".  Just go straight along the big street.


The street is getting more rural...


The street is getting more and more rural. But keep going straight.


You will find another wide open view like this on your right side.


There is a camp village named Shizenjinmura.


You can enter the camp village from besides the Shinto gate over there.


There is a cat-like welcome board of Shizenjinmura.


By the way, although you need to take a reservation in advance to enter the camp village, this village must be one of the best choices to enjoy the very nature in Tokyo with your family.


After walking by the camp village, go straight again.


Just go straight.


You will find a sign board saying "Fukasawa-Goya Restaurant nearby". Don't care. Just go straight.


There is another Y-intersection near the sign board of the restaurant. Turn left and cross the bridge over the river.


From the bridge, you will find a garden-like area along the river. But don't care. Just go straight.


There, you will notice some strange poles which look like an old santa clause. I don't know if they have any specific meaning or not. Don't care.


After going straight along the street, you will find an undecorated parking lot on the left side of the street. Probably this is the parking lot of Minamizawa Hydrangea Mountain.


After walking by the parking lot, you will find the Fukasawa-Goya restaurant. (Later, you will find that this restaurant is in very front of the Hydrangea mountain.)


Just next to the restaurant, there is a sign board saying "Here Minamizawa Hydrangea Mountain". Well, I was at a loss where the Hydrangea mountain is...


Hmm... well... is it... here?


Ah the sign board of the entrance was almost hidden under the Hydrangea. You must take care especially when there is no one around you.


There are some wooden canes at the entrance. You can use them if you want.


There are lots of Hydrangea at the both sides of this path. You might not understand how steep this slope is from this photo. But please note that this is rather a hike, not a walk.


After going up the Hydrangea path, you will find a rest area. Please go left and go up the slope again.


There is another sign board saying "Minamizawa Hydrangea Mountain".


This is a very steep slope. Please wear easy-to-walk shoes when coming here.


This is a main area of Minamizawa Hydrangea Mountain. On the surface of the steep slope on the left side grow thousands of Hydrangea among Cedar trees and Japanese cypress trees. Hydrangea will bloom perfectly after a few weeks from now.


I'm very looking forward to seeing the Hydrangea blooming in the midst of this June!


Here's a sequel to read! : 26 Selected Photos of Minamizawa Hydrangea Mountain in the Year 2017


Name : Minamizawa Hydrangea Mountain

Address : Fukasawa 368, Akiruno City, Tokyo, Japan

Walking time : 35 minutes from Musashi-Itsukaichi Station

Official Website in Japanese : click this link

Google Map : click this link

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