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Slight Update of my Blog Design (Version5.1)

Since adopting hero header into my blog design last month, I have had several wants for my own usage which is...

  • to add option of unshadowing for non-photo images in case
  • to remove whitening loop posts when hovered
  • to add the great Sakura photo into the header
  • to re-setting search box and category filter so that I can look for my past actions
  • to review current blog categories so that they describe who I am





In the new design, you will find a search box at the global navigation at the bottom. This will help me a lot when I want to review my past actions.

Through the past three and a half years of writing posts in English and Japanese, I'm finding the biggest merit of this activity solely in recording myself so that I myself in the future know myself in the past, and so that others who do not know me can know me. I swear to myself that I continue this blog for my own sake.

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