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Good News - Chilled Cup of TRIPLESSO is now Available not only at SANWA & Summit Store, but also at Don Quijote!

Now is the time for TRIPLESSO.



If you wonder what the TRIPLESSO is, please check this past article.



On Twitter, on one hand, I've seen several tweets like "TRIPLESSO not on sale", "Did they stop producing TRIPLESSO!?", "I've not seen TRIPLESSO these days..." and so on. But on the other hand, I've also seen tweets by those who were moved to encounter the chilled cup of 200ml.


And then, I would proudly like to announce that I've found the chilled cup of TRIPLESSO (200ml) at Don Quijote, where it was NOT available as of this July. At least two shops at Shinjuku and Kawasaki sell TRIPLESSO so this is not a coincidence of one shop.

As you know, Don Quijote sell TRIPLESSO at the lowest price. Great!!


Below is where we can buy TRIPLESSO now!

Seven Eleven : none

Familymart : none

Lawson : none

Seiyu : none

My Bascket : none

BIG YOSUN : none

Ito-Yokado : none

AEON : none

Inageya : none

Maruetsu : none

Shokuhinkan Aoba : none

Seijo Ishii : none

The Garden : none

SANWA : Available

Summit Store : Available

Don Quijote : Available ← New!


We must pay much more attention to TRIPLESSO!

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