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I received a Return of the Crowdfunding of Minamizawa Hydrangea Mountain!

Here's the latest news from the crowdfunding of Minamizawa Hydrangea Mountain which ended with the achievement rate of 120%. I received a return from the members of Succession Project of Minamizawa Hydrangea Mountain yesterday!


The return is as below.

The T-shirt is so avant-garde that it is not my favorites. But the original bird call in Hydrangea color is much nicer than I expected!


This bird call will give me an enjoyable time not only when I visit Minamizawa Hydrangea Mountain but also when I go around mountains and parks. Thanks for the nice return! And again, congratulations for the achievement!


P.S. This weekend is the opening of Minamizawa Hydrangea Mountain. I'm very much looking forward to it!

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