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Revival of TRIPLESSO

This is what is called "miracle".


About a month has passed since I saw TRIPLESSO at a convenience store for the last time. All of my sadness is described on this post. And today, on May 4, 2017, at an ordinary supermarket near my house, I happened to find familiar but somewhat strange cups.


Yes! This is what I have been looking forward to!!! The sign "NEW" at the top of the cups surely means the renewal of TRIPLESSO chilled cup coffee!

I was right in that I was guessing TRIPLESSO chilled cup coffee could be available again because Ajinomoto General Foods, Inc. did not clearly mention the chilled cup coffee category.


Apart from the "NEW" sign, the new package is slightly different from the old one. In the photo above, the left one is the original, and the right one is the new. As you can clearly see, the cup got smaller. The original shot size was 240ml, and the new shot size is 200ml.

As you might already know, the original shot size itself was a smaller one since the normal TRIPLESSO chilled cup coffee was 280ml. The history of the volume is like 280ml -> 240ml -> 200ml. You know, it's getting smaller to survive in the market. But you know, I tasted it, and the taste has been the same. This is the most important.


I have not yet checked whether this new TRIPLESSO is available at other supermarkets or convenience stores, but I guess they are. Thanks for re-selling the TRIPLESSO chilled cup coffee, Ajinomoto General Foods, Inc.!

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