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Photography tells Seasonal Changes at Akadate Park of Tanagura Town - Ver0.1

This is the following post after the autumn of Tanagura Town the other day.

By reviewing the photos from Akadate Park, I would like to see the seasonal changes at Akadate Park of the northern part of Tanagura Town. Because I have not taken photos of some of the necessary seasons, this collection will get better from now on. In this sense, I call this Ver0.1.


View of Tanagura Town from Akadate Park

In the spring, Sakura blossoms bloom in Akadate Park. Although there are several Sakura trees here, it looks like they bloom earlier than in the center of Tanagura Town. As I visited Tanagura Town when the Sakura blossoms were at the peak in the center of the town, it seems like I was late for the Sakura blossoms of Akadate Park... the photo was not that great.

Yet, I remember that I felt this town is nice for having such a hillscape, during my first visit to this town.


Azalea Blossoms at Akadate Park of Tanagura Town

The next is Azalea. Although Tanagura Town is famous for its Sakura, the flower of this town is Azalea indeed. In addition, Tanachan, an official character of Tanagura Town, wears not Sakura but Azalea blossoms. You will find Azalea blossoms in various places including this Akadate Park.


Hydrangea and Tanagura Town from Akadate Park

Hydrangea must be a flower of summer, or rather, a flower of rainy season. I took this photo, but it is clear I was a bit late for the peak of Hydrangea. I learnt from this photo that it requires information and patience to shoot flowers and blossoms of their peak outside my residential area.



This is autumn. When they think of autumn of Tanagura, most people hit upon Site of Tanagura Castle and Yamamoto Fudouson Temple. But you must remember that Akadate Park has autumn colors, too. Plus this park offers you a whole view of Tanagura Town with pale autumn colors. It made me very fresh.


Plum Trees and Snow of Tanagura Town

This is March, or winter, when Ume blossoms catch pedestrians' eyes. The town looks quite cold because of the snow, and I am looking forward to the warmth of spring. If it snowed more, the whole town turned into white.


Yet, I have several ideas of landscapes which I haven't took photos of. The first is snowscape, the second is sea of clouds, and the rest is the peak of Sakura blossoms and Hydrangea.

After visiting Akadate Park several times and comparing the photos I took, it turned out to me that the best location, position, angle, focal length, season, weather, timing were all different even though I shooted the same town from the same park.

Photographers require the skill of imagination, which allows them to think thoroughly at the first visit of what landscape can be here and how they can encounter it here in the best condition. This sounds like a very tough challenging assignment to me.

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