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Reviewing Reasons Why I Started Photography - Science, Art and Obsession with Sky

Dear myself in the future,


Simply saying, I'm in a trouble.

Because it is hard to describe it appropriately, I would like to review the reasons why I started photography.


Shortly saying, everything started from my will to "find out the realm of art which cannot be described by that of science". This is my will to explore the world which cannot be calculated by force, that is, the realm of art which possibly moves people much more than logical persuasion.

As I used to like acting only logically, I found it hard to challenge what is called art. To tell the truth, I had even been staying away from it. I was quite bad at the subject of art in which I needed to create something from nothing.

However, I realized that being not familiar with art would be my biggest weakness in the future world where most are calculated by highly-advanced technologies. I expected something in the realm of art because I thought that it was something which could not be calculated.


In order to continue challenging towards art which I was not familiar with at all, motivation structure was the most important factor. I, anyhow, must continue and go forward. I need to think, I need to try, I need to think, I need to try, and I need to pave each of my steps forward with trial and error by any means.

This is how I have lived my life. Even though I changed my field from science to art, I didn't change my style.


I chose photography from numerous kinds of arts. Why?

First is the economical effectiveness. Once I invest some money in the beginning, I need to defray little running cost. Thus, photography training puts almost no financial burden after buying gear.

Second is the dailiness. I can take photos everywhere. If I have a camera, I can take photo even while I am working in the center of a city. I can take photos of a moment during vacations, too. Photography is not an art of a special occasion, but one which assimilates my daily lives. This dailiness was a big advantage.

Third is the versatility. Photography skill works in many occasions. For example, I can record happy smiles and can promote my favorite things. Photography colors my life to a rich one.

Well, after reviewing my ideas at the beginning of my photography career, I ended up realizing that I started photography simply because it was convenient. It was not connected to the essence of photography as an art. I only saw photography as a tool to find any key to see what is art.


...Ah, well, this is truly my bad habit to conclude in a would-be logical way. Indeed, I might have had such ideas. But rather, they must have been added afterwards in order to justify my expensive purchase.

The true reason must have been the sky.

I guess I wanted to go to an adventure, and seek the magnificent ever-changing sky. Since I was a child, I have really loved the sky which expands widely in the open field and shows a variety of its faces. I remember the moment when I was really moved by my first photo of the sky taken by my first cell phone in my high school days.


Why have I been so obsessed with the sky?

This is probably because it reminds me of the landscapes of the hometown of my heart. Paddy fields and vegetable fields spread all towards the horizon in former Kurosaki Town, Niigata Prefecture, which I was originated from. I think that I am obsessed with the sky because I unconsciously try to seek any similar landscapes in the center of this big city.

Yes, the starting point of the photography of Takumi Nasuno is, indeed, a struggle to get close to the hometown of my heart and see a magnificent sky from the center of this big city where uncountable buildings obstruct my view to the sky.

I felt that I'm now able to face "photography as an art next to science" in the first time in my file.

This story continues.


Sunset over Paddy Fields of Niigata

Taken at former Kurosaki Town, Niigata Prefecture on May 4, 2016

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