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Autumn Landscapes of Tanagura Town should be More Popular as a Town of Morning Mist

Wow, I didn't think that I would find another aspect of Tanagura Town during this visit!

Town of Morning Mist. It sounds cool!

People in the town told me that Tanagura Town is often filled with mist in the morning when the temperature goes down significantly, mostly in spring and autumn. This is how the mist fills the town.


Morning Mist of Tanagura Town

It is before the sunrise when the town lights dominated the atmosphere. This is a great climate condition for photographers!


Light and Morning Mist of Tanagura Town

Even after the sun appeared, I couldn't see the distance clearly. It is nice to see the orange light of the house in this thick mist.


Morning Mist around Site of Tanagura Castle

The sun already appeared. But I couldn't see the opposite side of the moat. The faint silhouette of the trees has created this fairytale-like landscape.


Site of Tanagura Castle in the Mist

Here's the trees in the mist. Aerial perspective worked very well. The world of purple and white colors are not usually available in my daily lives.


Site of Tanagura Castle with Autumn Colors in the Mist

Inside the Site of Tanagura Castle offers another fairytale-like landscape. Autumn colors left in the trees let me feel the season of autumn. Once I sat down on the cool wooden chair, I was like wondering into a fairyland.


Benches at the Site of Tanagura Casltle in the Mist

Inside the moat has another wonderful view. Thanks to the morning mist, the houses at the back of the moat disappeared from my view, and it emphasized the purity as a picture.


Autumn Colors in the Mist of Tanagura Town

Here's the best shot of today's exploration. The sunlight sheds into the red maple tree beside the moat as if it were filling the morning mist with the pale blue color

The resident told me later that they had the thickest morning mist in the year. The morning mist might not do good for living. But if you can enjoy the landscapes in the morning mist, you will achieve a great possibility there inside.

They also told me that we can see a sea of clouds over the town from Akadate Park. You know, a sea of clouds inside a town sounds too great!


Autumn Colors around the Site of Tanagura Castle

Now the mist is about to disappear. I walked around the moat and found some vivid autumn colors.


Autumn Colors at Tanagura Town

The telephoto allowed me to create an interesting work. Even with a large F-number, I see a nice bokeh at the back of the autumn colors, probably thanks to the morning mist left there.


Autumn Colors and Site of Tanagura Castle

I found a place with the vivid red maple leaves here. To tell the truth, the peak of the autumn colors in Tanagura Town was one week ago. But this town still has this great quality. I hope that I can visit Tanagura Town during the peak period of autumn colors next year!

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