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Lycoris Radiata Growing Up to the Perfectly Blue Sky - Autumn is Coming!

I went out to take this photo with a completed image in advance!

When I got up this morning, pretty bright sunlight was shedding into my room. I looked out of the window and found the perfectly blue sky. The image had already been completed in my mind. Today, I would take Lycoris radiata growing up to this sky, I thought.

Tama River near my house flows from the west to the east so it is possible to take photos of the blue sky in the west beautifully without backlight in the morning. I already knew that Lycoris radiata grow in the riverside. The remaining issues are the density, solidity, orientation, straightness of stem, how flowers bloom, etc. I looked for the best point.

I found 10 or more places with Lycoris radiata within my view. If you want to take photos of Lycoris radiata with green grass and blue sky, Tama River is highly recommended!

And my photo this time is...


Lycoris Radiata along Tama River

Canon EOS 6D, Sigma 12-24mm f/4.5-5.6 IIDG HSM (24mm, f/8, 1/100 sec, ISO-100)

How is it?

I used a wide-angle lens and tried to get as close as possible. I took this photo from the very low height, or rather, almost from the ground because I wanted to describe how they stood solid to the sky. As it was raining yesterday, the ground and the grass were wet. I noticed that my shoes and clothes got a bit dirty, but this is a fate of photographer. lol

As Lycoris radiata has started to bloom, autumn colors will start soon in the mountainous areas. I took quite a few photos of autumn colors last year, starting with the chance to climb Mt. Senjougatake. I'm very excited what great photos I will take!

Autumn is coming!

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