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kura-cafe Magazine "Soramin" Vol.5 is Now Available with my Photo!


kura-cafe, an unique local product shop located in my hometown Tsurumi, has now published a magazine called "Soramin" Vol.5! The magazine is available for free at various places including kura-cafe itself, the ward office of Tsurumi, the town office of Tanagura, and the town office of Nishiaizu.

Official Website of kura-cafe

Introduction of Soramin Vol.5 at the Official Website in Japanese

This time, kura-cafe sent me five pieces of the magazine because I wrote an article to the magazine with my photo!

My Past Post about Writing an Article


Takumi Nasuno on Soramin

Here's the page! I wrote down the story of my visit to Tanagura Town, adding the photo of the Weeping Sakura tree of Hanazono. I hope that more and more people realize the natural beauty of Tanagura Town and the kindness of the local people there.

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