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Memo about why I felt that Mr. Kent Shiraishi sounds cool!

This post by Mr. Kent Shiraishi sounds too cool!

Kent Shiraishi Photo Studio - I would like to use SONY's 8K-TV when I hold a one-man exhibition in Shanghai!

I've written down why I felt that he sounded cool because he sounds too cool!

We must buy them by ourselves and use every little bit of them in order to describe it. That is, I am different in the persuasiveness. (Quoted and translated from Kent Shiraishi Photo Studio)

The first is to buy the products by himself and to use every little bit of them. And the second is to describe the attractiveness to others. I felt that this is what is called the "evangelist". He is pretty thorough. He is pretty passionate. He let me realize that this is the idea of the top photographer in the world.

SONY has been creating some of the greatest cameras in the world. I am proud to introduce them to people around the world. I take photos because I would like to prove it by my photos.

The real ability of the camera should be proven by photos. This, in turn, produces credibility and persuasiveness. And if you promote it in a good way in China, you must be able to acquire a huge market there.

I hope you do your best. (Quoted and translated from Kent Shiraishi Photo Studio)

The employees who read this cannot help but be excited because even I was excited. The last words are also great.

SONY must be the only company which can create such an unique camera as this. Really awesome! At least, I believe so. And I support you if you do your best.

You excited me by that "Walkman" in the past. I would like to be as excited as I was in my childhood again.

In this world, it is only SONY and Panasonic which can create both cameras and 8K-TV. We must be able to show a totally new photo culture from Japan, which is totally different from the current photo-in-the-frame culture. I highly expect this. (Quoted and translated from Kent Shiraishi Photo Studio

Yes, I really would like to improve my thoroughness and passion to be able to write stories which move people!

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