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Here's a Too Heavy Trumpet Zucchini from Kanta Village of Kamakura Vegetable!

I happened to eat Kamakura Vegetable when I was walking around Kamakura City. Since then, I was willing to visit Kanta Village, which grow and sell Kamakura Vegetable by itself.

Official Website of Kamakura Vegetable Market Kanta Village in Japanese

The address says it is located in Kamakura, but please note that you need to take a bus from Ofuna Station or Fujisawa Station if you do not use a car. Please remember that there's no direct transportation from Kamakura Station.

Well, this is how I dropped in at Kanta Village while visiting Kamakura yesterday.


Kanta Curry Rice

I got off the bus at Sekiya Inter Bus Stop after the 15-minute-bus-ride from Ofuna Station. After a few minutes of a walk, I noticed that there's a signboard I'm familiar with. Here's Kanta curry rice!


Signboard to Kanta Village

Kanta Village, the Kamakura Vegetable Market. It looks like more people come by cars. The surroundings were not like what it looks like in Kanagawa Prefecture. It looks like a rural area. And the inside of the village is...


Most Vegetables were Sold Out at Kanta Village

Oh, what!??


I visited the village one hour before closing, only to find that almost all the vegetables were sold out. I was a bit disappointed. Well, the village is not wrong. I should have come in the early morning. I'll do my best next time.


Some Vegetables were Left at Kanta Village

But some were still on the shelf so I decided to buy them. It was a long way from Tokyo so I must buy something.


Trumpet Zucchini from Kanta Village

And what I bought today is Trumpet zucchini!

It is simply big. It weighs heavier than 1kg. You will find how big it is compared with the pet bottle of Salty Litchee. It looks like I can eat quite a lot.

By the way, the vegetables left at the back are white eggplants and green eggplants. It is one of the features of Kanta Village to have a lot of rare vegetables.


Trumpet Zucchini Cooked with Perilla Oil From Tanagura Town

And I cooked Trumpet zucchini by myself. I fried it with Perilla oil and added salt and spice. The quantity is as I like.

Even 1cm slice of the Trumpet zucchini was enough for the side menu of my dish so I thought that I seriously need to do my best to eat it. I will have a lots of Trumpet zucchini menus this week...

Well, the Perilla oil is, of course, from Tanagura Town. Perilla oil is really good because it adds complicated flavor to simple seasoning. I recommend it to you!

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