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Review of 2015

Now is the end of the year 2015.

I didn't manage to write down my thoughts even though I was thinking of writing lots of post during the end of this year. Ah, well, today is about to end.  I would like to review the year 2015.


The first is about blogging.

Blog After thumbnail

This blog aims to submit my favorites to my dear readers. This year, I sophisticated the blog design such as adopting the single column design and deleting Google Adsense so that this blog would bring out the attractiveness of my photos. I will keep trying to develop the design.

Plus, I started recommending what I like and what I support. I not only write posts to introduce them, but also prepared a special space for PR at the top page of my blog. After taking this step, I began to see the sudden rise of access to my blog. It seems like some online influencers shared my posts. Most of the rise were from Facebook or Twitter.

I still see much less access from Google search and Yahoo search. But I think that only those who are interested in my activities visit my blog so far. I will take some measures for access from search engines after my blog sophisticates its theme.


The next is about local revitalization activities.

Local Revitalization Youth Meetup

I met kura-cafe in the beginning of this year. Since the store manager of kura-cafe, Nakamura-san, told me about Tanagura Town, I started to visit Tanagura Town and advertize the town by myself from this April.

I held an event using Shimimochi rice cake, which is a local food of Tanagura Town. I wrote an article about my activities of Tanagura Town to a free magazine. This autumn, I won a prize at Tanagura CM contest, and was assigned to new Tanagura Supporter's Ambassador. I announced my activities at Japan Marketing Association although I was feeling a bit out of place.

I started to plan "Tanagura Big Family", which connect people under the keyword of "Tanagura Town" so that we create the system to contribute to local revitalization from cities. It is still only within our small group, but we will invite more in 2016.

Plus, I decided move from Tokyo to my hometown Tsurumi in the early 2016. I mean Tsurumi Ward of Yokohama City so this house-moving is not that big. But I think this is a good change to examine my hometown thoroughly.


The last was about photography.

Photomaster Certificate

The biggest event was to pass the Licensing Examination of Photomaster Grade 1. I decided to try the examination because Mt. Kent Shiraishi recommended it, and I successfully passed it. While I was studying the background knowledge behind shooting methods, I recognized how important it is to be able to tell "why I take a photo like this".

I started to document how I thought to take one photo under the name of logical photography. I'm challenging how deep I can think to take one photo. I've seriously recognized the lack of my logic. I need to establish my photography theory as soon as possible. I can discuss a rough topic like choosing aperture from the small F-number or the large F-number. But the detailed topic like choosing aperture from f/11, f/13 or f/16 when using a large F-number is still a big challenge.

Plus, this year's technological breakthrough, or the paradigm shift, is a slow shutter speed without a tripod. I started to train myself thanks to Mr. Kent Shiraishi's recommendation, and I now can use 5-10 times the shutter speed of reciprocal of focal length. I have much less opportunities in which I have to use my tripod so I now can create more photos in the same period of time.

At the end of this year, I had an event in which I felt the lack of my photography skill and the possibility of my growth at the same time. Last year, I took photos at Enoshima Island. And this year, I had a chance to try there again. Compared with my photos of this year, the photos of the last year were so bad that I was surprised how much I grew up within one year, and I understood that I can grow up more and more even though I feel I am already good at photography now. I would like to take better photos which allow me to say that my photos of 2015 were bad indeed.


I will write another post about what I want for 2016 later.

Have a nice year!

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