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Personal note of how to install the audio software "Audacity" to process MP3 files

Audacity is a free audio software to process various formats of audio files with its easy-to-understand waveform, which I have been using for more than 15 years. This time, I decided to take a note of how to install audacity to process MP3 files while installing it to my new windows PC so that I can easily install it again to other platforms later on.



  1. I download the installer for my platform from the official website. (The current version for Windows was 2.2.2 as of July 10, 2018.)
  2. I run the installer. (For me, the name of the installer was "audacity-win-2.2.2.exe".)
  3. I choose my favorite language while installing. (This is not necessarily the same as the one while using the software.)
  4. I press the preference function at the edit tab of the top menu.
  5. I change the language to English at the interface tab in the pop-up window. (The interface in Japanese is not that recommended since some of the functions are not translated yet.)
  6. I try recording empty audio files and saving it as MP3 format. Audacity will warn that "Audacity needs the file lame_enc.dll to create MP3s." so download the required file by clicking the "Download" button in the warning window. I will find the external LAME download page. (The current URL was here.)
  7. I run the installer of LAME and follow the instructions. (The current version for Windows was "Lame_v3.99.3_for_Windows.exe".)
  8. I go back to Audacity and press "Browse" button in the warning window mentioned above.
  9. I choose the file "lame_enc.dll" in the folder "Lame For Audacity", which I installed in the task 7.
  10. I press "OK" button, and now everything's ready to import, process, export MP3 files!


OK. This note will work some time in my future.

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