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Posted on September 6, 2017 - Reviewing my Photos of Minamizawa Hydrangea Mountain before the Full Bloom

Minamizawa Hydrangea Mountain is located in Akiruno City, the west edge of Tokyo Prefecture. The crowdfunding in which local youngsters would succeed to the mountain from an old man who grew the Hydrangea alone for 47 years ended, and they are welcoming the full bloom this year in the new team.

Reference : the Official Website of Minamizawa Hydnragea Mountain in Japanese

I have indeed visited the mountain every weekend to take photos there so I will review my photos of the mountain so that I raise the expectations. Let me share them here.













I took the last two photos in the rain so the blossoms looked more bluish. This is why we are willing to take photos of Hydrangea in the rain, which is different from other flowers and blossoms.

The feature of Minamizawa Hydrangea Mountain is that they bloom in the following order - white, blue and red. My photos so far include quite a few Hydrangea in white or blue colors so we will welcome more Hydrangea in red from this weekend. Plus, I'm looking forward to a quite different landscape of illuminations at night.


I'm looking forward to this weekend!


P.S. The Hydrangea in the midnight looked like the milky way.

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