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Slight Update of my Blog Design (Version5.2)

Here again, I've just updated some of my blog design soon after the last update. Main objective is to adapt to some of the minor environments.


  • to stop using bgswitcher plugin because it doesn't work well at mobile-webkit browsers like iPad safari and iPhone safari. (I ended up making my own slideshow function...)
  • to darken the background images of the top page so that the loop posts stand out more because my mother told me she wondered what to click there.
  • to darken the global navigation while continuing to add transparency so that the global navigation can be differentiated from the darkened background images.





Slight darkening made it clear to understand. It tells me how important "contrast" is in the web design world, too.

The last part of possible update is whether I stop using flexbox for legacy browsers. I tried flexbox and found that it is quite efficient and easy to use to align contents. But it is not supported by many legacy browsers... Hmm, should I get back to non-flexbox era...?

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