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Why is there no one at Akadate Park at night? - Tanagura Town -

I have visited Tanagura Town more and more times. While I go around many shooting spots like the Site of Tanagura Castle, Akadate Park, Yamamoto Fudouson Temple, the Weeping Sakura tree of Hanazono, and many other temples and shrines, I can't get one thing out of my head.



"Why is there no one in Akadate Park at night?"




I cannot understand why Akadate Park doesn't invite people at night even though it is rich in nature and is located on the hill to offer a nice view of the whole town.



In April, the Sakura blossoms bloom a bit later here than in the Site of Tanagura Castle and Hanazono. Even if the Sakura blossoms have not yet bloomed here, Mitsumata is blooming in front of the nightscape of Tanagura Town.



Once you walk down the stairs, yellow Narcissus under the lanterns welcome you with this wonderful atmosphere. Akadate Park always welcome you with any flowers and blossoms, and is often illuminated at night. I reckon that this park should be more popular.



Hmm... is it because of bad transpiration...?

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