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Farewell to kura-cafe while looking forward to their next challenge

When can I see this logo again...?


kura-cafe was located in Les Halles Tsukuno, a shopping street of Tsurumi. They were selling local products from various towns and villages from all around Japan, especially from Tanagura Town and Nishiaizu Town.

They opened kura-cafe on September 2, 2013 in order to promote exchanges with people in rural towns and villages through selling their products, writing free magazines, and conducting tours visiting there. And yesterday, on March 11, 2017, kura-cafe closed down and their first challenge has ended.

※My feeling towards closing-down of kura-cafe is written down on my last post.


We will never see kura-cafe in this shopping street again...


On the last day, kura-cafe was full of people who love kura-cafe. Most products were sold out on the lovely shelves.


I gave a bouquet of Sweet peas, meaning "new departure". I hope that the next challenge of Nakamura-san and her fellows create great success in another style in the near future.

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