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My Guidelines of How I Design Websites (ver.1)


I have several occasions to design websites these days so I wrote down my guidelines of how I design websites. This is ver.1.


About Overall Policy

  • To consider how we want to guide main users' site flows, thoroughly.
  • To discuss as concrete examples as possible from an early stage.
  • To develop a system which allows us to get users' feedbacks to improve it, which must be included in the initial planning stage.
  • To improve websites as quickly as possible in the beginning because lots of bad points are to be recognized soon after the time of release even if we take care much in advance.


About Design

  • Responsive web design is essential. Smartphone-oriented, but working well on PC, too.
  • To try to avoid uncommon design so that users understand site flows easily.
  • To remove as many unnecessary components as possible to make it simple.
  • To make a rule on colors. Different colors in brightness can decorate it with unity.
  • Width of one content must be within 720px. Hopefully within 600px. The wider the uneasier to read.
  • Edges must be in line. The principal is to be left-aligned and top-aligned.
  • Completeness is essential. When it loses completeness, un-completeness should be clear to users.
  • To try not to use a hamburger menu button because users often do not notice it.


Writing down these guidelines made me want to change the whole design of this blog. Many of my old programs appear to be lengthy so the time to re-write it is about to come, I think.


P.S. The photo on the top is my favorite from the album of my Finland trip this month. I love this arrangement. This matches the most to my image of the word "design".

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