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Reflecting back on Anjinsai Fireworks

It is hard to shoot fireworks.

I cannot take photos I want, at all.


I visited Ito to shoot fireworks which I haven't seen for months. Anjinsai Fireworks. 10,000 fireworks. Ito has less people and open sky on the shore. I thought that this must be good for photography. But things didn't go that easy. Here're some reflections.


Good points

  • Standard zoom lens, which I didn't have last year, worked well. 24-70mm is really good for fireworks, and it can capture most of the fireworks.
  • I managed to mix what I felt from the atmosphere of the location.


Bad points

  • Lack of practice.
  • Although I guessed how tide would change and set my leasure sheet in the first line two and a half hours before the start, newcomers set their sheets right in front of me. As a result, many of my photos captured their heads.
  • I spent too much time adjusting direction and orientation because fireworks were launched from both right and left sides of me in the center.
  • Probably I should have stayed further back from the points of angle of view and standing position.
  • I used a tripod of Velbon UT-43Q because it is light. But it turned out this time that UT-43Q cannot offer physical stability. I probably should prepare another.
  • I wore yukata, a Japanese traditional clothes. And it was too hot and humid, and one-hour fireworks were too tough to keep my concentration. Shooting fireworks is a sport. I should have wear an appropriate clothes.
  • Even 24mm was not enough to capture the finale which literally dominated 180 degrees view. I wanted 12mm, and possibly a fish-eye lens.


I couldn't take advantages of my past experience. I posted relatively better three photos from bad falures. Next weekend we have one fireworks festival at my hometown Tsurumi. I must do my best there.



Title : Looking at Fireworks

Anjinsai Fireworks at Ito



Title : Sea Spider

Marine self-explosion from Anjinsai Fireworks at Ito



Title : Feeling of Stir

Feeling of Stir from Anjinsai Fireworks at Ito

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