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Slight Revision - Expanding the Concept of Competitor Part on Photography Value Framework (ver.2)

Soon after I managed to write down a post about Photography Value Framework, I sadly started to think that the Competitor part is not enough to make it convincing. This is why I decided to expand the concept.


Definition of Competitor on ver.1

Originality and un-duplicability of the story

Definition of Competitor on ver.2

Necessity to use photography, and originality and un-duplicability of the story


Here're two main backgrounds.

  • Even though this framework does not put emphasis on visual factor of photo, it sounds weird that there's no limitation on photo itself.
  • I realized that we do not have to use photography to inform people of anything. I didn't realize it because I only thought of other photos as competitors from a photographer's point of view. For example, paintings, music, and speeches can substitute for photography. Because we have various communication methods, photographers need to question why they need to use photography there.


Following the revision above, I re-wrote down Photography Value Framework ver.2 below.

Photo Value Framework version2

As I had many abstract discussions, I would like to discuss the framework with more concrete examples in the next post.

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