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Takano Ohashi Bridge is a Nice Shooting Location for Both the Sunrise and the Sunset! - Tsurumi Ward of Yokohama City

Tsurumi Ward of Yokohama City.

It is located in Yokohama City which has one of the biggest populations in Japan. But as it is located in Yokohama's northern east edge, it is often mis-regarded as Kawasaki City. I guess many of the residents of Tusurmi do not know that even the opposite shore of Tusurmi River is owned by Tsurumi Ward.


JR Tsurumi Station.

Even though it is re-developed these days, it's not as prosperous as Kawasaki Station which has very much succeeded with the shopping mall, Lazona Kawasaki Plaza. If you move from Tsurumi Station a bit, you fill find old shopping streets and residential areas spreading further.


It only seems to have many shrines and temples. I'd been to Kawasaki Station, Yokohama Station, or Minatomirai to go out. Tsurumi Town didn't let me hold an idea of going out inside the ward. This was my idea until graduating from the university.


As I moved back to Tsurumi Town from Tokyo, I started to think what Tsurumi Town really is thoroughly. I checked many maps. I walked in the town. I tried to find what really exists there.


As I had known, Tsurumi Town has lots of slopes. It has lots of extremely steep slopes and ridges, and we can't walk straight often. Evenif I try to walk with my compass, some cliffs and houses do not let me go as I want to go, and I get lost.



Yes, when I used to live here before, I only walked my familiar streets and paths.



Lots of slopes mean that it has lots of hills. I expect that it has lots of nice places where we can see beautiful sunrise and sunset. Because I decided to be back to my hometown Tsurumi, I would like to create "Three Most Scenic Sunrise Spots of Tsurumi", and "Three Most Scenic Sunset Spots of Tsurumi" as a photographer seeking the sun.


Sunrise from Takano Ohashi Bridge

Canon EOS 6D, Canon EF50mm F1.4 USM (50mm, f/8, 1/400 sec, ISO-100)

This is Takano Ohashi Bridge over Tsurumi River. This is the border between Tsurumi Ward, Kohoku Ward and Saiwai Ward where the river flows to the northern east, and then winds to the southern east, which allows people to shoot both sunrise and sunset down to the river from here.

The Phragmites standing under the bridge and the houses along the river were creating a nostalgic atmosphere. This is the sunrise.


Sunset over Takano Ohashi Bridge

Canon EOS 6D, Tamron SP 70-200mm F/2.8 Di VC USD (82mm, f/18, 1/30 sec, ISO-100)

And this is the sunset over the bridge the other day.

I set the same phragmites at the right bottom of the photo. We can enjoy Mt. Fuji together in the sunset time. By the way, we can see Diamond Fuji from Takano Ohashi Bridge on February 24 (Wed) and 25 (Thu). I would really like to take photos from here on any of these days. I would also like to take photos of the surface of the river reflecting the sunlight.


Although it's not yet long since I started to take photos in Tsurumi Town, I've already known some possible shooting locations for sunrise and sunset. I would like to go and visit each of them and find nice locations.

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