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Another story after the 6 chapters - generation gap in how we think of residence

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I wrote down that in most cases, you shouldn't speak out about migration to young visitors because of their process and their step. But there's one big generation gap about residence which the elderly must understand.

Here's how the gap occurs.


Ideal residence in the past

Everybody can be happy if they can find a nice comfortable permanent residence (and often with a nice spouce).


Ideal residence in the present

I'm not willing to decide permanent residence at all. I choose where I want to live each moment. And you know, I decide what is "happy" by myself.


One of the reasons behind this is that we try to plan our whole lives freely to be "happy" - what job to choose, what to do in the free time, where to live, whom to be with, etc in a long-life span because the past concept of "happy" is about to fall apart.

Yes, since we cannot depend on what used to be called "happy", we might be struggling to find another "happy".

This is actually an extreme example, but I suggest that the elderly should bear in mind that young people might have a value like this.

Thanks for reading my story!

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