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Local Revitalization
Local Revitalization☆Policy Idea Contest welcomes participants until November 15. Does anybody want to try the analysis and the proposal by using that RESAS system together?

I was surprised to see this plan in the Facebook timeline while I wasn't clearly aware of  the recent programs as this.

Local Revitalization☆Policy Idea Contest

Local Revitalization Policy Idea Contest

Wow... it started from this September.

This is a local revitalization contest held by the government of Japan. And the interesting point is that the plan must be based on the analysis using that RESAS system because I deal with statistical analysis in my daily lives.

I... really want to join it...


But the deadline is November 15, when I take an exam of Photomaster. This is why I cannot easily decide to try it. I'm afraid of failing on both.

Can I spare half a day for this? Is anybody interested in this contest on condition that the area is limited on Tanagura Town?

Hmm... This attempt is very likely to fail.

To take advantage of this possible failure, I definitely need to check later what kind of projects are waiting for me to join!

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