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Long Time No See This Nice Sunset and Nice Mt. Fuji! Aiming for a High Picture Quality with Aggressive F-number and Slow Shatter Speed

Sunset over Tama River

Canon EOS 6D, Tamron SP 70-200mm F/2.8 Di VC USD (162mm, f/16, 1/15 sec, ISO-100)

Long time no see this nice sunset and nice Mt. Fuji!

Now we welcomed this autumn and saw this sky without any clouds while the temperature went down. This is the sky right after the sun totally set. This is a fine autumn day.

I did a big challenge on this great day for the Mt. Fuji. I selected the F-number of 16 while keeping the ISO value of 100, resulting in the very slow shatter speed of 1/15 seconds. It is the shatter speed I usually use my tripod with. But today, I supported my body with the handrail of the bridge and took some photos by my hand-held camera.


Sunset over Tama River cut1

Here's the magnified photo of the Mt. Fuji. The periphery of the mountain looks very clear even in this magnified photo.


Sunset over Tama River cut2

Here's another one of the surface of the river. I can clearly see each of the layers of the waves. It looks nostalgic.

Ever before, I only adopted as slow the shatter speed as 1/100 seconds despite the strong image stabilization function by Tamron. Thus it was beyond my imagination that I managed to take clear photos with slow shatter speed with a hand-held camera only by holding it firmly. By the way, I uploaded this photo with the width of 1600px while I usually adopted 840px. I'm now thinking that I should use the size like this, for Retina displays are getting popular.

I'm also thinking of starting muscle training in order to take photos with more stability. Following My respected photographer Kent Shiraishi, I'll do my best to take photos which look beautiful even when magnified!

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