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Road to Photomaster Vol.2 - Method 1 : Summarize What I have Learned or Felt During the Study on My Blog Everyday

One of the learning methods to the Photomaster is here.

"Summarize What I have Learned or Felt During the Study on My Blog Everyday"

We cannot acquire true knowledge only by having input. I think this is true in studying at school, doing business, and studying for licenses. Knowledge without output is quite hard to be helpful in actual cases.

On the other hand, I feel that we can take full advantage of our knowledge by writing it down and arrange it as an output. Especially as for the Licensing Examination of Photomaster Grade 1, there are lots of words not used in our daily lives. They include words like multi-shot and purple fringe. It is pretty effective to document such words which are useful but require active intention to know. This is because we need practice in advance to speak about such words with confidence and fluency.

By the way, I have one more optional merit, which is to be able to talk about such technical matters in multiple languages. This is simply because of my rare but foolish act that I'm writing the same contents in multiple languages by myself. I guess this is rare not only in Japan but also in the whole world. I already know some merits of multi-language blogging so I will make other posts for it.

Well, let's go back to the main topic of this post. I really wonder how I make a summary on this blog. I want it to be with lots of visual images, but it will be quite tough to post it everyday. Hmm, text only is better, isn't it...?

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