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Road to Photomaster Vol.1 - Starting to Study for Licensing Examination of Photomaster Grade 1. One-Month Study will Hopefully Lead Me to Success!

Licensing Examination of Photomaster

Many of you might be surprised to see the title of this post. Photomaster... Some of you might doubt if it really exists.

Photomaster is an licensing examination in Japan which checks whether you have enough practical knowledge as a photographer. The ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology does support the examination.

And can you guess what happens if you pass it? To tell the truth, this license only proves that you passed such an exam. This is not like a license of interpreter guide which allows you to earn money by guiding foreign tourists.

Then, why did I decide to try it?

The answer was that the respected photographer, Kent Shiraishi, recommended that all would-be photographers should pass it.

I know that there are some amateur photographers who claim to be "photographer" on their business cards, but I dare to say that it is much cooler to put the word "Licensing Examination of Photomaster Grade 1" or "Licensing Examination of Photomaster EX" next to their names.(Quoted and translated from Kent Shiraishi Photo Studio

I totally agree.

The "Photomaster" sounds better because it is an official license whereas everybody can claim to be a "photographer" without any permission.

But as for me, who uses own business cards in English, I wonder how non-Japapnese people understand the Photomaster because it is only in Japan. This is why I'm thinking of using the both - "photographer" as a position and "Photomaster" as a license on my business cards. Well, I actually want to say that I'm involved in local revitalization activities on my business cards, but the space must not be enough, haha.

Yes, it is just counting chickens before they're hatched. lol

And I realized that I only have just one month before the day of the examination. The result of the past exam of Grade 1 without studying was...

44 out of 80 questions.

We can pass the exam with the score of at least around 70% so I need 60 out of 80 to pass it safely.

While tring the exam, I realized that I didn't know technical terms. Indeed, I didn't study photography but only learned it through taking photos. I encountered lots of unknown words, which resulted in this failure.

Well, from the opposite point of view, I feel like I only need to memorize and understand such technical terms because I mostly know how to use cameras.

It is the first time to take an exam since graduating from the university. I will do my best to acquire great photography knowledge!

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