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Danish with Blueberry Made in Tanagura Town Tastes Really Delicious! Please Sell it in Tokyo, too!

Blueberry Danish from Tanagura Town

I bought that Danish with blueberry while visiting to Tanagura Town this time.

The mayor of Tanagura Town himself promoted it on Facebook, and it is Seven Eleven which sells it. They are available in the Seven Elevens not only in Tanagura Town but in the whole sourthern area of Fukushima Prefecture. I went to two Seven Eleven because the Danish was sold out in the first one but was available in the second one. Yes, the Danish is popular.

Of course, Tanagura Blueberry Love Club is behind the product. Blueberry jam on the crispy dough is not too sweet, and not too sour.

This is really delicious. I would be glad if the Danish was on sale in Tokyo and contributed to the PR of Tanagura Town...

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