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I Won a Prize at the First Tanagura CM Contest! Thanks!!

An Honorable Certicifate from the Head of Tanagura Town

Here's a big news.

I won a prize at the First Tanagura CM Contest!


Here's a post introducing the contest.


To tell the truth, I'm not as good at making movies as taking photos. And a few years have passed since I made a movie for the last time. Indeed, I had many troubles during my work - from collecting photos and videos to editing the movie, but I managed to create one and applied for the contest with it.

The movie was not made with great skills but only with my love to Tanagura Town so I was quite happy to hear that I won the prize!

If you want to watch the movie, please search it on Youtube. I will not add a direct link from here.


By the way, the award ceremony was, of course, held at the town office of Tanagura. The transportation fee from Tokyo to Tanagura Town was so high that I felt as if there had been no prize money left. But I rather decided to think that I managed to visit Tanagura Town for FREE!

Of course, I took photos of the landscapes of Tanagura Town in October so please enjoy them.

Looking back at the past, I realized that I had visited Tanagura Town every other month from this April. The next will be this December...? Well, no. I would like to see the autumn colors so I will somehow try to visit it again in November.

Hmm... I have quite a few events in November already. It must be a hard job to have an opportunity to visit Tanagura Town, haha...


Lastly, I would be glad to show the deepest gratitude to you all!

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