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Drinking party between Tanagura Town and Nishiaizu Town - I got a Japanese sake named Nasuno as a present!

Wow, I got a Japanese sake whose name is exactly the same as my family name! Thank you very much!

What happened was that I held a drinking party among young people who were interested in local revitalization. We talked about local revitalization passionately with people including Masunari-san from Tanagura Town Local Revitalization Cooperation Group, and Aotsu-san from Nishiaizu Local Revitalizaton Project by Youth.

By the way, I held the party at Robataya, a nice izakaya which offers delicious seafood and Japanese sake at the edge of Shinbashi area.

The participants were all my friends whom I met through the various connections, but we had an amazingly passionate talk even though most of us were strangers to the others. We talked about a variety of topics including reviving terraced paddy fields in Tanagura Town, opening a guesthouse, making a website to share information, cooperating between Tanagura Town and Nishiaizu Town, connecting people from cities and people from towns/villages, and the meaning of independent towns. I think we can make some of them come true in the near future.

An antenna shop kura-cafe in my hometown Tusurmi is connecting many people relating to Tanagura Town and Nishiaizu Town. kura-cafe is functioning as a community.

After the drinking party, Masunari-san gave me this Japanese sake. The name is totally the same as my family name! lol

Sake named Nasuno

Pure-rice sake named Nasuno is brewed by Kaneko Sake Brewery in Nakagawa Town, Tochigi Prefecture. Since Tanagura Town is located in the southernmost area of Fukushima Prefecture, it has a very good access to the northern part of Tochigi Prefecture. It must be a good point of Tanagura Town to be able to go to mountains, rivers, seas and shops only by driving a car a bit.

Thank you very much, Masunari-san!

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