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Kamakura Leaf, a Company running Kamakura Vegetable Market Kanta Village, has Totally Updated its Website! Responsive Single Column Design Colored with Colorful Kamakura Vegetables!


Cited from Kamakura Leaf

It was quite surprising!

When I was visiting the website of Kanta-kun Curry Rice, I happened to press F5 button, only to find that there's no page there...

I wondered what had happened to the website, and then, I tried access to the top page and found that the website had totally updated...( ! )

The website adopted the fashionable single column responsive design with a scroll up button, being perfectly designed for smartphones! It is decorated colorfully with Kamakura vegetables in rainbow colors, and with the colorful buttons mainly in red and green colors. It has started a Facebook page as a blog, and also a Tabelog page as a landing page of Kanta Village.

As I mentioned in the title, this was a quite surprising update!

I will visit the village again when the autumn vegetables fill the market! The next time will surely be the very beginning of the morning to get them!

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