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Memo - Reply to the Birthday Wishes to Me



reply to the birthday wishes to me

*This is a reply to the birthday wishes to me on Facebook. In order to keep reminding me of this feeling, I pasted it here.


Thanks for the birthday wishes from you guys! I had a very enjoyable time yesterday!

I turned 27. I am now really in the segment of around thirties *laugh*. Although I thought that the 27-year-old would be more-like an adult when I was in the uni, things were not that easy.

I started photography in earnest from last January, and it is now about to be one and a half years since then. I've been doing various activities such as the support of an industry organization and some local revitalization activities, other than the photography. I sometimes wonder what my main job really is. *laugh*

Twenties are regarded as young everywhere, and this is the biggest strength available only now. I have too many things to do, and the time can not be enough. This is why I decided to spend time only for something really precious to me.

I will keep going this way for one year, hoping that I can say at last that this one year was great.

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